Hillbilly Burn – The Game of Games

Scorched Nuts

Hey Sweet People!  It looks like there are well over thirty plus (30+) Catawampii who will be attending Hillbilly Burn 2015.  That’s a lot of us!  And, that’s GREAT!

Here’s the deal.  We want to be on our best behavior… LOL.  This means that we need to “bring it” to Reclaimation.  In order to make this happen Catawampus Style, we’re preparing and running “The Game of Games” (take from an episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia – season 7, episode 7).  If you haven’t watched that episode, I’d recommend doing that now.

In the meantime, our beloved Cidwick is busy with writing rules, etc.  Why not reach out to her to find out just how YOU can help make this a success?  We’re going to have a blast and I can’t wait to be with you all once again!