As mentioned, we would soon contact you all in reference to our fundraising plan for Paradox Burn.  We have an adventurous and fun vision!  In order to make our vision a reality, we’re going to need funds!  I’m asking everyone to step to this plate, make an actual effort to help support our fundraising goals and needs.  Everyone has different talents and that’s what we’re asking you to bring to the table.  Maybe you’re good at artistic type things, then you can help with layout and design.  Maybe you’re good with just coming up with ideas, then you can be the idea generator.  Maybe you’re good at hands on and love building, then you can help with construction.  The point is, we’re going to need everyone’s help and talent to pull this off.  We can do it.

Following are list of opportunities that we have noted.  If you have others, please feel free to contribute.

1.) Monthly themed cocktail parties, approximately 50 guests, $10 each.

2.) A combined Themed January birthday party (Nickels, Derek, Avi) for the purpose of raising funds for the burn.  An overnight party, ticket price $20 – $25 (it IS a fundraiser after all).

3.) A super DJ’d party (hopefully overnight) in a location for a larger capacity.

4) A GOFUNDME where we have multiple level of “gifts,” printed on a nice one page brochure (and online), giving each person an opportunity to buy a multitude of patches and stickers etc. with some of our catch phrases and amazing designs… phrases like…

The Wolf Pack
That Ain’t Pee
But, Imma Suck Dat Dick Dough
ALL The Things
Follow Your Head (with a dick pick)
Sex Now!
All The Pieces of The Puzzle
Do You Even Wursh Yo Pussy
If You’re On The Bus, You’re In
Dandelions: Yes or No
Paradox Burn (various logos)
Paradox: the Metaphysical Burn (various logos)
BUMS (various logos)
B.U.M.S. Coffee House (various logos)
Doodles and Art converted to patches.

Do you have a design idea to fit an above phrase?  Do you have art that would look good as a patch or sticker?  Do have additional ideas???

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