About C.M.E. – the Center for Metaphysical Exploration

In June 2010, a journey began and a small but amazing and sincere group of newbie burners began Camp CATAWAMPUS.  This fledgling camp immediately became the connecting point for a special family of burners and has remained in full force, visiting multiple burns and hosting numerous adventures, since that moment till the present.  Members of Camp CATAWAMPUS now extend across the country and parts of the world.

In April 2014, out of the growth, acceptance, and love experienced with Camp CATAWAMPUS, the Center for Metaphysical Exploration (C.M.E.), a non-profit ecclesiastical organization, was founded.

The vision of C.M.E. is to combine one’s personal understanding of the greater universe with the philosophies and down-to-earth walk of a Burner and to present both the philosophies and actions of this combination to the world.  C.M.E. holds no specified belief of the unknown, but rather embraces the idea of universal consciousness.  And, espouses to the fact that each person MUST find and follow their personal convictions and individual understandings of life.

As we experience our time on this earth, we are uncertain of many many things, but there are a few things that are evident:

1.) Life is best when lived in harmony,

2.) We live in a vast unknown,

3.) Everyone has a degree of understanding: Something learned, known, experienced by each person that no other individual can completely know.  Your experience will never be the same as your brothers.  You may know more or less, have more or less, but never be exactly equal, learning something from everyone,

4.) Collectively, we hold the key to the success of our future and the future of future generations.

It is a fundamental belief of C.M.E. that, while we ever remain with vast uncertainties we must not shy away from them.  We must strive for understanding; Understanding is the beginning of wisdom.  And, wisdom brings about prosperous change.  C.M.E. believes that this world puzzle cannot be solved alone, but that each unit, person, and thought plays a part in creating a better world.  It is for this reason that C.M.E. clings to exploration and the quest for understanding and truth.

In the quest for free exploration, C.M.E. holds fast the following.

1.) Everyone has a degree of knowledge, but that’s just it, a (1) degree.  It takes all of us, sharing, learning and growing together to complete the 360 degree circle.

2.) For truth, everyone must be free to explore without hindrance and share their understanding.  Exploration must not be hampered by scientism or by religion, but rather must be open to all questions and ideas.  C.M.E. does not encourage “blind faith,” but rather earnest exploration of personal understandings, understandings that may not yet be measurable or understood by all persons.

Finally, C.M.E. believes that we are here on earth to, if nothing else, learn and live together.  And, C.M.E. wholeheartedly believes that harmonious living and growth comes from mutual experiences, our actions with one another, and our ability to trust and follow our own personal convictions.  It is for this reason that we completely espouse to living life as a Burner by following the principles as established by the Burner community.

Collective Effort, Communal Responsibility, Reduction of Disadvantageous Commercialism, Giving, Imminence of Now, Leaving No Trace, Involvement, Radical Inclusion, Radical Self-Expression, Unconditional Self-Responsibility and Personal Accountability;

The coupled harmony of one’s personal spiritual or cosmic understanding and actions of being a Burner allows for experiential knowledge of love, acceptance, peace and understanding.  C.M.E.’s goal is to bring this experiential knowledge to every person. Come burn with us.

We’d love to spend time with YOU; Hook up with us today.  To learn more about us, visit us at one of our upcoming burns or adventures.

Sweet love,
Center Director