Paradox Burn

Paradox: The Metaphysical Burn


Inspired by Burning Man, Paradox is a national and regional event promoting artistic, musical, philosophical and metaphysical learning within an open, collaborative, and genuinely welcoming space. The idea that led to the creation of Paradox is the possibility of crafting an amazing world of creativity, self-expression, exploration and acceptance outside of the normal expectations of everyday life. Through the experience of music, art, dance, games, parades, learning, performances, food, community, spontaneity, friendship, and all-around fun, it is the greatest hope of Paradox that all participants are mystified, encouraged, awe-stricken and happily over-whelmed by the saturated experience that they have helped to create. It is an experiment in spiritual harmony and community building.


Paradox is a place of unconditional acceptance and, above all, a damn good time for everyone involved. The burn itself is where true inner healing and inner expansion can begin, where old wounds can be dressed and where preparation for an increasingly, amazing future begins.


Our community is built on mutual respect for each individual, inclusiveness, shared and interactive creativity, shear fun and playfulness and immediate action. There are no main stage acts or paid performers. No one is here to sell you anything. At this event and many others like it “Everyone is a performer and the entire city is our stage.” The art, dance, music, learning, happiness and joy that surrounds you is not provided by any business or sponsorship, but rather from your fellow citizens of Paradox Burn. Each individual shares from their heart, providing unique gifts and passions to the benefit of the community as a whole.


Paradox is organized entirely through volunteer labor and the work of students from Burner University of Metaphysical Science (BUMS). Every aspect of this event is created solely by the participants themselves. There are no spectators, no paid vendors and no concession stands. In fact, bartering and cash transactions, of any kind, are not allowed. Paradox Burn works hard to provide the sincere, rewarding experience of a gift economy.


Paradox is a Leave No Trace event. There are no garbage cans. Participants pack out their garbage and make every effort to leave the space better than it was found. For this and many other reasons, personal responsibility is key to developing the light-hearted and carefree atmosphere of the burn.


Paradox is a private event.