Our Community Service ~

CME Community ServiceCME takes community seriously because it is the key to our success as humans on the earth.  We partner with existing organizations in order to greater connect with the world around us.  And, we’re constantly looking for ways and opportunities to extend our philosophies of harmony and exploration to the greater community.

Keeping with our beliefs in Civic Responsibility, Communal Effort, Leave-No-Trace and Participation, we strive to be involved in, at least, a few key areas throughout the year: Burners without Borders, Clean Community Initiative, community training, education and sacramental service.  In addition to these areas, we encourage and support individual CME members with their own and personal connections to community.  If you have an idea, we’d like to help you achieve it!  Following are a few of the constant areas in which we serve.

Burners without Borders (BwB)

The BwB-Chicago is a group of volunteers and friends fostering community, culture, and creativity in the streets of Chicago and the Greater Great Lakes Region.  It is a grassroots, volunteer-driven, community leadership organization whose goal is to unlock the creativity of local communities to solve problems and bring about meaningful change.

Clean Community Initiative

The Clean Community Initiative is a concerted effort by the members of CME to join forces with other established community organizations.  Clean Community Initiative helps organizations small and large, whenever possible, by recruiting CME members to help with manual labor.  Additionally, Clean Community Initiative participants conduct street campaigns aimed at enlightening community at large about the principles of Leave-No-Trace and M.O.O.P.

Community Training Programs

As the membership of CME grows, we find that many of the members have talents and skills useful to the larger community.  Whenever possible, CME facilitates community training workshops like First-Aid & CPR or Debt Repair.

Of course, our focus of training and education is the provision of courses concerning Burners and Burning, Metaphysics and Metaphysical Sciences.

Court Mandated Community ServiceCommunity Service, welding

CME believes in the change of an individual.  Many times, to encourage positive change, a judge, magistrate or educationall leader may mandate community service to someone in the nearby community.  CME works with this individual to determine their skill sets and talents and to find ways to use these talents in service to the community.  For a tailored Court Mandated Community Service plan, contact the CME Center Director.


CME is in the beginning stages of designing scholarship programs for four areas (below listed).  Although not in play at this time, we expect scholarships to become a large part of our regular community involvement.

Secular Academic Scholarships
Non-Secular Academic Scholarships
Fine Art Scholarships and Fine Art Grants
Burner Experience Grants

Sacramental Services

The Licensed Practitioners, Ordained Ministers and Clergy of CME assist community members in all spiritual matters, from weddings and funerals to intuitive counseling and readings.

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